All the anxieties and fears that come with graduating college in just a few weeks.
  1. Uncertainty
    Not knowing what will come in the next few months after I walk across the stage in December.
  2. Grad School
    Will my LSAT score be enough to to get into a school that I want. Do I deserve scholarships? I can't do it without them, the debt may not be worth it.
  3. Moving
    I want to move away from Oklahoma. Far away. Not having my family as a safety net is terrifying. However, I'm exhilarated to start over in an unknown place and not know practically anyone. I am just afraid my family and friends will feel forgotten.
  4. Jobs
    What if I don't go to law school? Where will I work? A BA in International Studies/European studies doesn't do much in this state. Should I teach high school? Would I enjoy that?
  5. Failing
    Even though I accomplished a college degree I don't know if that's enough to succeed in society.
  6. Relief
    Even if nothing works out as planned, I will get a much need break. After 3.5 years of constant struggle and juggling of jobs, school, and internships maybe I will get a break and be able to spend days reading books and not worrying about what I have to do within the next week. Maybe, just maybe, I can breathe.