I adopted my very own puppy this last week, because after years I finally decided it was the perfect time for the commitment. Since I have some spare time before I start law school.
  1. She is a Jack Russell/Pomeranian mix, otherwise known as a hybrid breed called Jack-A-Ranian.
    Weird breed name, but a mix of two types of dogs I've grown up around. When I adopted her a week and a half ago she was only 2.7 pounds 😳 however, she seems to be growing quickly.
  2. I named her Winnie Bee.
    This name comes from the character Winnie in Tuck Everlasting. I decided on Bee as her middle name because she's fast like a bumble bee and I had wanted her middle name to be Bea or Beatrice so it worked out.
  3. She is very hyper, but when she sleeps she sleeps hard.
    And usually in weird positions
  4. She loves to cuddle up on my neck, chest, and face.
    Which isn't always comfortable for me, but how can I move such a cute sleeping baby. (featured a a tube sock turned sweater because she's too tiny for the smallest sweaters at the pet store)
  5. She loves to play with all her puppy cousins.
    Even her cousin Bella who is a German Shepard and 100 times her size.
  6. I have very few photos of here awake, because she is always moving if she is. But here is one with the sign I made her for above her bed and crate. My mom said I was making her area a shrine, but no I just wanted to personalize her space.