I just turned 22 yesterday.
  1. 90% of my birthday parties from 5-10 were at Pizza Hut. This is only fitting since it is national pizza day.
  2. My mom always chose Valentine's theme. I guess because it was easy? This is why I hate Valentine's Day. It steals my thunder.
  3. For my 13th birthday, I had my first "dance" party complete with grinding and a Panic! at the Disco theme.
  4. For my 16th birthday my best friend showed up at my house with a goldfish. It died within the week.
  5. Year 18. Italian dinner with best friends and family. My boyfriend and I were broken up for the day of my birthday. Oh how I don't miss young relationships. (Photo taken on the iPad I received as a gift)
  6. Years 20-22, after becoming a crazy single woman I started to having huge get togethers with friends.
  7. Year 20. The year I channeled my inner Miley and threw my first party at my apartment.
  8. Year 21. The year my friends spent a Sunday evening in a local bar waiting for midnight with me. I was late because I woke up 10 minutes before I said I'd be there.
  9. Year 21 bonus. It was 80 degrees during the day of my birthday and free admission to the zoo so some of my friends and I took full advantage. I'm used to snow on my birthday so this was a treat.
  10. Year 22. This year I went low key with dinner and then to the bar/lounge above the restaurant during the weekend because I had to work on my actual birthday. Adulthood. What a crock.
  11. Birthdays are kind of my thing and getting older makes them less important and that's not okay with me. So I will continue to celebrate.