I have spent my morning baking scones and just went to lay down for a Netflix binge and my mom brings me a package. "Your secret Santa is here or you have a stalker from Canada." ITS SECRET SANTA AND I HAD THE BEST ONE @sabrinakristine Thanks @ChrisK
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    I pretty much devoured the beautiful wrapping (sorry I couldn't help myself).
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    Sabrina wrote me an awesome letter telling me about herself and explaining the gifts. Two featured here are an awesome sparkling wine face mask that I'm definitely using ASAP and 5 photos she's taken. This photos are SO cool. I love all the trees juxtaposed against cityscapes. Truly awesome!
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    My dog, Brownie decided to get in on the action to admire these 3 beautiful journals that I cannot wait to fill.
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    Next, a mix cd of all the songs she's into right now! I do not recall the last time someone made me a mix CD. It was probably junior high if you don't count Spotify playlists my friend @aubocado9 has made for me! I'm so excited for this.
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    Brownie is truly excited about this track list!!!
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    Thanks for the awesome gifts @sabrinakristine! I can't wait to listen to the CD and use the face mask later!!!
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    Christmas is complete πŸΎπŸŽ…πŸΌβ˜ƒ
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    P.S. You've definitely got a new pen pal!