These things definitely make me "basic" but I like comfort and these things have comforted me through many things.
  1. Clean sheets
    The best night sleep is the first night after washing your sheets. The sun and the moon aligns and creates a cosmic environment in my bed.
  2. Pondering life while watching a candle burn
    I guess the young pyro in me is still intrigued by an open flame. But there is something about controlling fire (albeit by burning a wick on a candle) that makes you feel like you have control over things; even when you don't.
  3. Browsing a used bookstore
    Forget new books (even though I by a fare share of these), there is something about picking out old used books that gives me joy. Maybe it's the joy in recycling the happiness a book gives from person to person instead of discarding.
  4. Being alone in nature
    Some times I will wander off late at night or early in the morning and just go sit; in a park, field, treed area. This is the closest thing to meditation in my life. Dew collecting on the grass and myself. Fresh crisp air that makes you feel alive.
  5. Driving with no destination
    This has been my thing since I got a drivers license. Have a fight with a friend? Drive. Upset over something? Drive. Going through a rough break up? Drive hours and hours at all hours. Contemplating breaking up with a boyfriend? Take him on a drive to express your grievances. A similar feeling when cars are not an option is a long train ride with a window seat.
  6. Being alone in general
    I've never considered myself an introvert, but with age the more so I become. I love being alone, and I don't think there is shame in that.