I just got home after 5 days in Oregon and I am completely exhausted, but am already ready to go back.
  1. The people are the kindest
    Coming from Oklahoma I thought there weren't many other places with kinder people. I was wrong. Oregon citizens make southern folks look like assholes.
  2. In Oregon you can't pump your own gas.
    Such a lovely foreign concept, I made a fool of myself by asking if I could tip him. He was kind and very accepting of the tip, nonetheless.
  3. If you're lost people will help.
    Got off on the wrong stop on the Tri Met the first night, a man was kind enough to help. He was then working in the airport restaurant I ate at before my flight back.
  4. The immense nature differentiation is gorgeous.
    To go to the coast we left the city, hit the snowy mountain and trees and over the hill comes the beach. A dreamland.
  5. Cannon Beach, Oregon
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  6. Haystack rock. From the Goonies. Cannon Beach, Oregon
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  7. Exploring Washington Park, Portland, Oregon
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  8. Lunch view of the Columbia river
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  9. Multnomah Falls
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  10. Once you get the hang of it, other tourists will mistake you as locals.
    Thankfully I had the perfect breakfast recommendation for her.
  11. The men, the beards, the glasses, the flannel.
    The hipster lifestyle is present and intoxicating.
  12. However, the homeless population can be overwhelming.
    This is sad and devastating. You could see homeless families where the kids are playing with iPhones. Or you can witness heroin usage and human feces on the ground.
  13. I still loved it and cannot go back soon enough.