Growing up in Oklahoma means that you come with some special skills and habits to get you through the spring (which isn't the spring to us, it's tornado season)
  1. When storms that are potentially tornadic are forecasted businesses and schools are closed. Some communities basically shut down.
    This is a new development since the 2013 Moore tornadoes that killed students at school.
  2. You double check your insurance deductible in case of hail damage.
    I did this. This morning actually.
  3. Some ride out the storms close to public shelters in case of a tornado.
    Since I live in a college town with a large out of state population this is most of them.
  4. Some sit outside and watch.
    These are redneck and cocky kids usually, that think they're meteorologists. They probably have brain damage from the hail hitting their heads.
  5. Those like myself just hang out on the couch with their dog while watching the news and returning long overdue emails.
  6. One thing we all share is knowledge of certain weather terms that sounds like the weather guys are possibly fishing? (I've never gone fishing so I wouldn't know)
    Dry line and hook echo for example.
  7. We all hope the radar would look like this so we could just relax and go to bed at a reasonable hour.
    But knowing Oklahoma it is never going to stay that way for long.