A list of the not so great thing I've noticed myself gravitating towards in the men I pursue.
  1. A really crappy car
    I'm talking beat up to the point where you can hardly tell the original model. I guess I find this charming that they're content with not always having the latest, greatest sports car. (Sports cars are the worst)
  2. Quietness
    The quieter the better. The more mystery, the more smolder, the more intrigue. It's a completely idiot move on my part because a guy not liking to talk usually leads to communication issues. Something all my relationships have had.
  3. Extremism
    This is the most perplexing. I've only dated uber religious or die-hard atheists. Like why can't I find a guy that falls in the secular sphere that I regard my safe space or just like a mild extremism on either regard.
  4. Something about gay guys
    All my first crushes while in college were gay. Still to this day I gravitate towards homosexual men. I wonder what this says about my inner-psyche?
  5. Disrespectful douchebags
    The same uber religious boyfriend called me fat, before we made our relationship official and I still dated him. My judgment sucks.
  6. Someone I can stay cool with after a break up.
  7. Starving artist
    Or the equivalent. Like a supermarket bag boy that wants to swim with whales? Idk it that is an equivalent, but something along those lines and an artist