When You're Allergic To Mushrooms

Around the age of 16 I developed a mushroom allergy. Previously, I didn't really like mushrooms but I ate them occasional. Since then, I have avoided them like the plague but I still encounter them in the weirdest places. (I've met a few other like me, some are allergic to certain types, some are allergic to all, as I am)
  1. Bolthouse Farm C-Boost Smoothie
    I was drinking this for breakfast in class, then my throat started to close up. First epi-pen experience. This lovely smoothie had "Maitake Mushroom Powder" something I didn't know existed.
  2. Mushroom Super Hydrator
    Forget trying to stay moisturized, this new complex is being added to a lot of facial moisturizers like Glossier's priming moisturizer and a lot of Olay products. My face currently is covered in hives.
  3. Various Restaurant's "Veggie Mix" and "Steamed Vegetables"
    Once I ordered a "Southwest Quesadilla" the description just stated cheese, chicken, fajita veggies. The picture showed only a variety of bell peppers. Ate half, then my tongue became swollen and low and behold mushrooms inside. (I sent it back original back because I checked, then the restaurant just picked the mushrooms they saw off and gave it back. The hell I put that manager through while trying not to die)
  4. Veggie Burgers
    You have to read the fine print, because some love to use mushrooms as a protein packer.
  5. Long story short, this allergy is a lot harder to have than you would think. I am strong believer in telling wait staff at restaurants so they can let the cooks know, but sometimes I still get mushrooms. Even if they've been picked out their oils have soaked into everything else around it.
  6. P.S. Mushrooms are not a vegetable so I would love for the world to stop including them under such labels.