Do not forget these things okey !
  1. Allow yourself to be happy !
    Happiness doesn't come with a price like magic does
  2. Try to make new friends
  3. Be your weird self
    Because you're best that way
  4. Pay more attention to your tarot cards
  5. Pay less attention to school
    It's not there to make you feel like shit and education is not everything
  6. Explore the wonderful world that is your home
  7. Make new memories
    I know it sounds cheesy but it's true nonetheless
  8. Buy some healing crystals
  9. Don't let your fears define you
  10. Same goes for feelings
  11. Take your medication
    Even if it seems pointless some times
  12. Don't freak out about turning 18
  13. Be more creative
    Put your feelings into words or paintings
  14. Win over your phobias
    Or at least learn to live with them
  15. Remember that things will just get better from here
    You will be your own person you decide what's good for you
  16. And lastly get a tattoo