Reasons I am better off than dating "that guy"
  1. I won't try so hard to impress
  2. Another trust lesson
  3. I have free time and energy to do whatever I want
  4. I won't believe or hope in the false dreams I had
  5. I am more loving to myself for the times he was not there
  6. I can enjoy more things now there's less problems
  7. I am more resilient, understanding and insightful now on how I want to treat and be treated
  8. I can rely less on people I shouldn't rely on
  9. I am less confused, worried, hesitant, disappointed, doubtful, self-loathing, sad and hurt
  10. I won't have my self-esteem tested and be overlooked or have someone overly critical towards me
  11. I appreciate simpler acts of kindness after being mistreated
  12. I got issues out I wouldn't have gotten out unless I was put in that kind of dating situation
  13. Put a face to the monsters I dreamed up- facing things I fear and dread leads me to less traumatizing ideas and more perspective
  14. I can spend more time with my ill father and other more important things
  15. I don't feel the need to help or compensate for someone's weaknesses
  16. I don't feel pressured towards relationship goals
  17. Don't feel as inadequate anymore
  18. My mind feels more free to be myself and express myself creatively and passionately
  19. Less fucking around now
  20. I won't be made to feel guilty, crazy, pathetic or condemned for things which I was offended, angered, irritated, suspicious or skeptical about
  21. New inspirations and bigger blessings in my love life will come from learning to be smarter, better, freer and stronger from this relationship