A little insider of the life of a fangirl when buying tickets to a concert to see their idol.
  1. The tour announcement.
    Tour announcements will give you anxiety especially when deciding what show/ shows to go to and when the artist/ band is playing near you.
    Presale should be called anxiety, one because so many things can go wrong with this, you're presale code won't work, the page won't load, they could be offering bad seats; just know it's anxiety.
  3. Going on sale to the public.
    This could be you're best friend or you're worst nightmare, mostly you're worst nightmare because right at 10am everyone is on the site and you have to wait 10-15 mins just for tickets cause the site is over crowded or the site keeps crashing , the floor seats become the hungar games.
  4. Meet and greet.
    ANXIETY ATTACKS WILL HAPPEN! okay you will probably have anxiety attacks the week before, days before, even the night before, you will probably have them all especially the day of at 9:55 and during the meet and greet purchase time. Depending on the artist this could go one of two ways, either you get meet and greet so easily because no one wants to pay the price or it could be the hungar games and be gone in 0.3 seconds
  5. The countdown.
    They say the best things are worth waiting for, especially if you have to wait 200 or 140 days for the best day of you're life, even when you wish you could just fast forward and have it be the day of the concert.
  6. The concert.
    You will probably arrive at the venue 10 hours before the concert or meet and greet (if you purchased VIP experience) and it becomes the waiting game, it could feel like the doors will never open or it will feel like "what just happened it was like 8am a second ago" and you will probably have anxiety attacks/excitement attacks all day.
  7. Post concert depression.
    The most sad day of you're life is when you wake up and it's the day after you're concert that you've been waiting months for.