1. Not everyone is going to accept you.
    You're not here to make everyone else happy you're here to make yourself happy.
  2. Love is Love.
    Love doesn't have a gender, love is love it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks because we deserve to be happy to.
  3. People change.
    If someone changes, if they become someone they think they are just because of an image they aren't worth the time.
  4. School is important.
    I know don't want to write a essay or read 45 pages but remember it's all important because without the grades you won't receive the diploma. It will all be worth it in the end.
  5. Don't let anything control you.
    If you let something control you or hold you back how will you ever know if you're strong enough to fight it? Take a chance.
  6. 20 seconds of insane courage.
    Our courage system is little SO SMALL. but if you take that 20 seconds something amazing can come out from it even if it seems scary it can be the greatest thing to ever happen to you if you just take those 20 seconds.
  7. Popularity doesn't matter.
    We all grow up. It won't matter who was on top for all those years, because in the end they always end up on bottom while you're on top.
  8. Adventure is out there.
    Explore new places, because the memories will last a lifetime.
  9. Best friends.
    Best friends are the people that know you better than you know yourself, they will always give you the best laughs, the ones you take adventures with, the ones that will be there for you when you feel like no one is, the ones who pick you up and push you because they know you can do better, the ones that don't let you down, sometimes even the ones we fall in love with they become our soulmates❤️
  10. Live today like there's no tomorrow.
    We aren't promised tomorrow so make sure you live each day to the best way you can and always have fun whatever you're doing make sure you're smiling and you're keeping others smiling.