Reasons I should list

Talking myself up and into listing
  1. I am in real need of a social media outlet
    I keep my FB deactivated- its to rough a mix of friends, family, colleagues, clients to post honestly. I am too long winded for Twitter and couldn't ever get off the ground with tumblr. I just can't with the snap chat but I sorta get the appeal. I need the expression, ego boost, and even human connection promised by social media. I guess I got to figure out how to get my lists seen.
  2. I am good at it
    Even before the advent of a social media app for my people, I identified list making as one of my top skills.
  3. I want to be rich and renowned.
    That's where this is gonna take me, right?
  4. I must stand against the tide of posts that think lists are just a way to bullet point a story.
    Is this rookie arrogance? Are lists just a way to bullet point a story?
  5. I can create a teuxdeux list for lists to
    some things are private.