1. Because life is hard
  2. Because I don't exercise the anger out
    I need a bike desk? Or a trainer?
  3. Because my parents loved me
  4. Because fuck the police
    The patriarchy, big pharma etc
  5. Because I can do bad all by myself
    Sometimes I can even do mild depression all by myself!
  6. Because I buy into the fear culture
    Ahhh! Life is scary but I can buy pretty things shhhshhh don't cry.
  7. Because science isn't the authoritarian ruler of truth
  8. Because of my friends
  9. Because of my sister
    She would love seeing this bc we don't get along too well at all and it would feel good to get to know I think she is important
  10. Because I think I'm special
  11. Because I forgive myself.
    Sometimes I forgive myself while in a bubble bath.
  12. Because I have an intact sense of humor.
  13. Because I take things too seriously
  14. Because I have done hallucinogens
    Not too much tho! (Not even often). Would recommend.
  15. Because of peanut butter
    Pretty sure I'm a solid 8% PB
  16. Because of you