You win some, you lose some
  1. The bathroom of a Waffle House in Panama City Beach, FL on freshman year spring break
    This happened 4 separate times during this particular breakfast. Dark, dark times.
  2. Into a trash can on campus as a tour group was walking by
  3. On a boy while hooking up with him
    Not my finest moment
  4. The bathroom of my sorority house, minutes before my initiation
    (Initiation is a serious ceremony and we were told not to go out the nigh before so I actually felt super guilty about this)
  5. Bathroom of a local college bar, moments after arriving
    I tried to rally and failed miserably
  6. In the bathroom of the psychology building during the 10-minute class change period
    The bathroom was completely full. There was definite judgment. Someone posted it on the Facebook group "Overheard at Vanderbilt" also. #celebstatus?
  7. Bathroom of the campus dining hall
    I had to leave brunch with @miranda to go throw up. HOWEVER, I then felt 1,000,000x better and we resumed our lovely brunch.