We got two kitties in December and one of my dad's favorite pastimes has become sending pictures of them to the family group text... (The captions are his words)
  1. "Check out this pic of Cosmo's whiskers!"
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    Such a dad joke.
  2. "Tricks you can play on your cat."
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  3. "I immediately regret this decision."
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  4. "Cosmo doing his best left shark stare."
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  5. "Taunting with the tail!"
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  6. "Feed me!"
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  7. "You mean you didn't sit down just for me?"
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  8. "Rough life."
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  9. "Someone brought me a present!"
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  10. "Helping pack!"
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  11. "Just know that C & C are getting your naps for you while you burn the midnight oil studying!"
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  12. (2/2)
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  13. "Callie just hanging out."
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  14. "Quite comfortable, thank you very much!"
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  15. "I need a nap."
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  16. "Study buddies."
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  17. "Oh hai!"
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  18. "Too tired to watch the game."
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  19. "You get up. I'll sleep."
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