Context: I'm entering my senior year at Vanderbilt this fall and am 21 years old.
  1. Memorabilia and souvenirs from a summer exchange program I did when I was 11
  2. Textbooks dating back as far as 7th grade
  3. A Pink Floyd CD in a Taylor Swift CD case
    Hey Dad, I found the CD you were looking for that one time 7 years ago!!
  4. The black plastic necklace from Forever 21 that I wore to a dance in 6th grade
  5. Multiple iPhone 4 cases and cords
    (have not owned an iPhone 4 in three years)
  6. An entire drawer full of t-shirts that are too small
    Unclear why they were put in a drawer instead of donated as soon as I realized I owned so many tiny t-shirts.
  7. An uncountable amount of "started never finished" craft projects from when I was a camper
    (camper = ages 14 and under)
  8. A plastic bag from Vanderbilt filled with admissions brochures from when I visited as a prospective student
  9. Middle school yearbooks
    If you want to endure extreme torture, I *highly* recommend looking through photos of your ugly, awkward phase!
  10. Over/under 100 burnt CDs
    Some mixed, some full albums because I wasn't ballsy enough to pirate music in 6th grade
  11. A laundry basket full of t-shirts from elementary and middle school sports
  12. Around 200-300 medals and ribbons from swim meets
    (At least ten ribbons were from when I swam in the 8 & under age group)
  13. Multiple sketchbooks dating from early elementary school to senior year of high school
    I kept all of these because it's always nice to be able to look back on art you've done in the past and see how you've grown and improved