In other words: "TOW everyone finds out that Kate hates Phoebe" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I'm sure many may disagree, but I'd love to see your lists also!
  1. Chandler
    Chandler is hands-down my favorite. He's witty and adds so much humor to the show. I just love him.
  2. Ross
    Ross is such a nerd and I love it. I consider myself a nerd in a lot of ways, so Ross has a special place in my heart. He also is very funny, and has so many funny plot points (marriages, leather pants, teeth, tan, Unagi, etc).
  3. Monica
    Monica has a strong and distinctive personality and I respect her a lot for that. I also find her very likable, despite her OCD/cleanliness obsession. I think she's genuinely a good person.
  4. Rachel
    A lot of people don't like Rachel (and I can understand why), but I relate to her on some levels. She's kind of basic and girly and I just have always liked her, despite her flaws.
  5. Joey
    Putting Joey at #5 makes me sad because I love him :( I think it's the fact that he doesn't have as much depth as some of the other characters that causes me to rank him so low. That being said, he adds a lot to the show and he's so funny. "Paper, snow.. A ghost!"
  6. Phoebe
    Phoebe is easily my least-favorite, and sometimes I'm genuinely annoyed by her/don't like her. Her whole "I grew up on the streets" schtick gets old and stops being funny, and she has a lot of bizarre plot points. Are we just going to pretend like it's normal to have your twin's stalker stalk you for fun, to help him detox from your twin? (It's not.) Additionally, I don't find her to be very funny – she mostly just says/does weird things that only seem funny because they're so strange.