(specifically an ex that you don't have a great relationship with or someone you never actually dated)
  1. In an elevator
    You really can't leave and if you pretend to have forgotten something to get out, it's obvious
  2. In a checkout line
    You also can't really leave or go to another line without seeming awkward
  3. At the gym
    I know most people are just focused on their own workouts at the gym but I still feel awkward and like I'm being judged for how fast I'm running or if I take a break to walk, etc
  4. On a walk of shame
    (is there a non-college equivalent of this?)
  5. While they're on a date
  6. While you're on a date
  7. At the pharmacy
    Not *necessarily* bad but neither of you can really leave if you're waiting for a prescription. Also if the prescription is something embarrassing this could get bad really fast 😳 Whenever I see someone I know at the pharmacy I always worry they'll assume I'm picking up like embarrassing medication idk man
  8. When you're alone and they're with a big crew of friends
    Whenever this happens I always feel like I look friendless and weird!! (even though that's clearly v irrational)
  9. When you're super stressed and/or running late
  10. In your bed the morning after a night out