1. Hat
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  2. Paperweight
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  3. Unicorn costume
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  4. Mustache
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  5. Microphone
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  6. Cell phone
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  7. Mask
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    Because I should probably put on some makeup next time before posting a list of entirely selfies
  8. Cold compress
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  9. Stunt double for a baby
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  10. Cat food
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  11. Conducting wand
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    Unclear why I decided this is the face a conductor should make but I'm going with it
  12. Sword
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  13. Club for hitting people who won't stop talking about food
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  14. Bunny ears
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  15. Golf club
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    Scale of 1 to 10 how obvious is it that I don't golf?
  16. Baseball bat
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  17. Something to brandish in the air dramatically
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    This really could be any number of things. The options are limitless!!
  18. Teddy bear
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  19. Dumbbell
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  20. Magic wand
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  21. Pillow
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  22. Prop to take pictures with while procrastinating work
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