Pictures are included from occasions where I somehow didn't inhale my food immediately.
  1. The Pharmacy Burger
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    Great burgers (though I can only personally speak to their veggie burgers), great fries and tots, and an amazing craft beer list. There's always a wait especially in colder weather when the outdoor patio is closed, but I promise it's worth it!
  2. Burger Republic
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    I would do some terrible things for their truffle tots. Be sure to order a spiked milkshake!
  3. Whiskey Kitchen
    Whiskey Kitchen is a very good American restaurant known for – you guessed it – their extensive whiskey cocktail list! Fun ambiance and great food.
  4. Fido
    Fido is a popular coffee shop in Hillsboro Village. Enjoy a yummy coffee drink with your meal and look out for celebs! I have friends who have met Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Gunnar from Nashville, and many more at Fido!
  5. Monell's
    Monell's is a family-style Southern restaurant. You sit at a table with 10 people and the servers bring out the food as it's ready. Would not recommend going if you're planning on wearing anything remotely form-fitting in the near future, however, because you *will* feel 10 lbs heavier when you walk out the door.
  6. Jeni's Ice Cream
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    Jeni grew up and started Jeni's in Columbus, OH, (shoutout to my home state!) and Nashville is lucky enough to have one! Don't let the seemingly weird flavors intimidate you, because you really can't go wrong. My favorites are goat cheese with roasted red cherries and buckeye state. 😋
  7. Loveless Cafe
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    Loveless is a big tourist attraction that's around a 30 minute drive from downtown. It's a cool place because it used to be a hotel, but is now a restaurant with a gift shop! Honestly, all you need to know is that their biscuits are unlimited and delicious. See picture. My mouth is watering.
  8. Tavern
    I LOVE Tavern – the layout and the ambiance and the food, but I especially love their brunch. Tavern makes this list primarily because of their "white trash hash." It's basically their version of cheesy hash brown casserole, and it's life-changing.