1. But how do you live without meat?!
  2. Oh cool! I was a vegetarian for like a month once too!
    Wow, I'm so impressed!
  3. Do you eat fish?
  4. I could never be a vegetarian.
    I mean, you could.
  5. Wait, so you can't eat eggs and stuff?
    Vegetarian ≠ vegan
  6. Why are you a vegetarian?
    I genuinely think people feel obligated to ask this and don't actually care about my answer.
  7. Isn't it so hard?
    Have you ever been to a restaurant? It's honestly so easy.
  8. How do you get enough protein?
  9. Is it for health reasons?
    No... Should it be? *feels self-conscious*
  10. Have you ever accidentally eaten meat?!
  11. What would happen if you ate meat?
  12. No way, I had no idea! I've totally seen you eat meat before.
    Honestly this happens more often than you'd think.
  13. Humans are supposed to be carnivores through evolution, you're totally going against nature.