1. Checked every social media app multiple times
  2. Changed study spaces 7 times
    Dining hall → my room → my dorm study room → room → different dorm's study room → different couch → room → my dorm's study room
  3. Told multiple people: "Sorry I can't! I'm working really hard right now on this paper!"
  4. Looked through my phone album of 425 childhood photos and settled on some promising #tbt options for Thursday
    Photographic evidence
  5. Looked up the weather for this entire week
    Tuesday just felt like a good time to see what it'll be like on Friday!
  6. Organized my email inbox
  7. Attempted to bribe everyone I know into picking up and delivering me food
    (Did not succeed. See next item.)
  8. Extensively researched the Chuy's menu and sauces before ordering food on Doorstep Delivery
  9. Contemplated taking a nap
  10. Sent overly artistic snapchats that took 10 minutes to draw
  11. Edited and instagrammed a photo from last night
  12. Published multiple lists