1. Being in charge of the music in a car of people you don't know very well
  2. When the iMessage ellipsis pops up and then disappears
  3. Emailing someone for the first time
  4. Picking up your iPhone after dropping it facedown
  5. Frantically canceling an accidental phone call
  6. Being in an elevator alone with a former love interest
  7. Having to give restaurant recommendations to out of towners
  8. When someone asks to use your computer
  9. Waking up before your alarm and wondering if you overslept
  10. Ordering food when there's a line of people behind you and you don't know exactly what you want
  11. Asking what to wear and being told it doesn't matter
  12. Accidentally hitting the send button on an email before you finished it or attached the file that needs to go with it.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  13. Publishing a list you're unsure about
    Suggested by @miranda