If you don't watch hockey, I highly recommend you start! Shoutout to @miranda for making me a hockey fan 😘🏆
  1. It's fast-paced
    I find it hard to get bored while watching hockey because the puck and the players are always in motion. During football, I frequently zone out because so much of the time nothing is happening, but that doesn't happen during hockey. Additionally, everything happens so fast because it's played on ice. This also makes going to games super exciting!
  2. It's such an impressive sport
    The strength, coordination, and training it takes to play most professional sports is very impressive. Hockey is no exception, but it's also played on ice. Essentially, hockey players move, pass, defend, fight, and shoot, all while skating around on ice. It's easy to forget because they make it look so natural, but I will always be impressed by hockey players.
  3. The playoffs are intense
    Each playoff matchup is a 7-game series, so to win the Stanley Cup, a team can have to play up to 28 games. Additionally, upsets are common. 16 teams play in the playoffs – 8 from each conference. The first 3 teams from each of the 4 divisions qualify automatically, and the remaining two spots in each conference are wildcards. This setup lends itself to lots of upsets, so unlike some other sports tournaments, pretty much anything can happen on the road to the Cup.
  4. There are lots of fights
    Everyone's heard the phrase, "I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out." Old joke, but the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of fights in hockey. You can ignore them if you're not into that, but they add a lot of excitement if you are!
  5. The players are beautiful 😍
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    I could devote an entire list to this topic, but I'll just leave you with Roman Josi (Nashville Predators). I highly recommend googling more though.