I've done two juice cleanses (one from a local juicery – The Weekly Juicery, and one using Suja juices purchased individually from Whole Foods). These are all based off of my personal experiences and are not based in medicine or nutrition! Pictures/selfies included for fun.
  1. They're easy
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    Hear me out on this one. Dieting is a lot of work, and it takes a lot of willpower. Juice cleanses take a different kind of willpower, yes, but I don't let myself believe that cheating is an option, because I'm not going to spend $100+ on three days of juice for nothing. I find it substantially easier to drink 6 juices a day in a certain order for three days than to impose harsh restrictions on my diet. When I don't have a set plan, I tend to overeat and cheat.
  2. I feel great after finishing one
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    This comes entirely from my personal experience, but after both of the juice cleanses, I felt energized, thin, non-bloated, and light. Others may have had different experiences, but that's how I've felt both times, and I love the post-juice cleanse high!
  3. It helps to reset my palette and eating habits
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    Again, this is from my experience – not grounded in any nutritional or medical advice. I do juice cleanses after bouts of unhealthy eating and not a lot of working out. I did one after finals (up late snacking all the time), and after a two-week period of eating unhealthy and not working out a lot. I usually feel "gross and bloated" going in, and I feel great afterwards. I don't crave unhealthy food as much afterwards, and I don't feel the urge to overeat, both of which are huge for me.
  4. I lose weight
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    Again, this is personal experience! I usually do them after unhealthy eating where I'm a little above my "normal" weight. After my juice cleanse, I've lost 6-9 lbs and usually end up a few lbs below my normal weight. I typically gain a couple lbs of it back, but I keep the majority off.
  5. The juices are filling
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    Filling. *Not* tasty, filling. Some of them I genuinely enjoyed, and I honestly tolerated them all (though I definitely like weird things like green juices more than the average person). Some of them are harder to drink, but if you make yourself drink them, they'll keep you full. You can also drink water and decaf tea as much as you want between juices. You'll definitely miss food and feel the urge to chew something, but you won't be starving.
  6. Completing a cleanse is satisfying
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    I feel a certain amount of control over my life after I finish a juice cleanse. I feel like I've completed a goal I set for myself. It's a nice feeling, and you can channel this feeling of control into working out more, eating healthier, or something else. The sky's the limit!