1. little miss sunshine
    the greatest movie i've ever seen
  2. moonrise kingdom
    adorable & funny
  3. american beauty
    beautiful & haunting
  4. the wizard of oz
    my childhood
  5. mustang
    wonderfully complex & moving
  6. whiplash
    dramatic buildup, one of the greatest endings ever to exist
  7. ferris bueller's day off
    feel good classic
  8. willy wonka & the chocolate factory
    my childhood part 2: twisted and imaginative
  9. the kings of summer
    funny and dream-like, though flawed
  10. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
    complex and thought-provoking
  11. the virgin suicides
    pretty and magical
  12. mistress america
    realistic and hilarious
  13. juno
  14. clueless
    a classic
  15. the martian
    unlike anything else
  16. legally blonde
  17. 42
    the only movie about an athlete that has ever interested me, let alone made me cry
  18. now is good
  19. obvious child
    odd and warming to watch
  20. birdman
    a masterpiece
  21. the grand budapest hotel
    aesthetically pleasing
  22. beginners
  23. hick
    a believable and important journey
  24. frances ha