In honor of my 35th birthday 🎉 MONTH (that's right, I get a whole month), I have listed 35 random things I have done that are pretty cool to me for obvious or personal reasons! ⭐️Bonus: It's also my 💯th list! (I included years, mostly just for myself as I added items to this list during the last month.) In no particular order, I HAVE:
  1. Gone Zip Lining (Summer 2012)
    Here in Western NC
  2. Taken a weeklong trip by myself (Spring 2015)
    To Nashville
  3. Gone to a Concert at the Hollywood Bowl (Summer 2012)
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    Bought my brother, his girlfriend, and myself tickets to see Ben Harper and Fitz and the Tantrums when I visited him in LA
  4. Spent a week bonding with my niece and nephew (Summer 2015)
    Exhausting - they were 5 and 2 1/2 at the time
  5. Bought myself a dining room table (2011)
  6. Participated in the IMPULS program which took me to Japan, combining two of my passions, Mathematics Instruction and Traveling (Summer, 2014)
    I applied for and was chosen to attend Project IMPULS at Tokyo Gakugei University. This was the chance of a lifetime that I couldn't pass up so financially, I made it happen. Throughout this experience I discussed math instruction and learning with passionate teachers from a variety of countries, observed & analyzed math instruction & problem solving in Japanese classrooms, learned about Japanese culture, ate amazing food, and was treated with more respect as an educator than I ever had before.
  7. Become a National Board Certified Teacher (2010)
  8. Gone snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef (Spring 2004)
    A friend & I took ourselves on a college graduation trip to Australia & Hawaii
  9. Gone to Woodstock '99
    I was 18, had just graduated high school, and drove with 3 girlfriends) In retrospect, I can't believe my parents let me go! WOODSTOCK '99 ☮❤️🎶
  10. Created a Soundtrack of my Life and shared it publicly with a bunch of strangers! 🙈
  11. Gone Skydiving (Spring 2004)
    In Hawaii, with the North Shore as my view
  12. Gotten up at 5am to drink green beer ☘
    Kegs & Eggs in college
  13. Gone to two College Football games (Fall 2006, Fall 2008)
    My college (KSU) didn't have a very good football team but I later discovered just how crazy college fans can be! I went to a Rutgers game and an Auburn vs. Georgia game! Much tailgating occurred!
  14. Written grants for class set of iPads (Summer 2012)
    Writing grants is exhausting but getting a class set of iPads to use was worth it!
  15. Taken Golf Lessons (Spring, 2004)
    Last semester of college-it was fun! I learned some stuff!
  16. Been inside The Biltmore Estate (Fall 2009)
    It was during this visit to Asheville with my mom that it occurred to me "this is a town I could see myself living in!" The following summer I chose to not renew my current teaching contract and hit the job hunt, application process, and interviewing hard! Worth it! (Picture from list app)
  17. Graduated College (Spring, 2004)
    Kent State University
  18. Bought and paid off two cars
    Learn more about my current car here: MY CAR'S ANSWERS TO THE BERNARD PIVOT QUESTIONNAIRE
  19. Gotten my Middle School Math Teaching License (recently)
    Time for a change!
  20. Dressed up as Yogi Bear (2002, 2003)
    When I worked as a Recreation Director for two summers at Jellystone Park in Mantua, OH - This was part of the gig sometimes! Sssshhhhh 🤐 (This is not me in the picture...but it could've been!)
  21. Fed eucalyptus to a koala bear
    At The Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia. This was a stop on the way to see The Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains.
  22. Taken a soak in the Natural Hot Springs of Mt. Fuji (Summer, 2014)
    During my trip within a trip in Japan, the group I was traveling with stayed at a traditional Japanese style hotel in Yamanashi for a night. On the bus ride there, I'm reading over the information packet w/ etiquette, etc. I see that our hotel has access to natural hot springs. "Oh no, I didn't bring a bathing suit to Japan." "Keep reading" my friend says! Well, since the Japanese hot springs are "enjoyed naked" & I can't NOT go in these amazing natural healing baths "I'm gonna need some sake!"
  23. Had a spinal tap (Spring 2007)
    Not cool, not fun, and not cheap (a story for another list)
  24. Participated in an International Secret Santa with 300+ strangers
    It was one of the coolest things I've ever participated in: I'VE BEEN LISTAPP STALKING MY SECRET SANTA RECIPIENT 🕵📱
  25. Taken a cooking class
    Took it at the local Community Tech College (I realized I missed out on some basic cooking skills such as how to properly cut and chop an onion and how to make Chicken Marsala)
  26. Survived Teaching for 10 years
    Still going strong
  27. Figured out and accepted that my parents are just humans, like me! (Continuous)
  28. Strengthened my relationship with my younger brother
    He lives in California and is probably the person who knows me the best- we talk at least once a week!
  29. Had some lists trend on List App
  30. Sang karaoke, in a kimono, in Tokyo, Japan (Summer, 2014)
    🎶Baby Got Back🎤
  31. Seen "Beatles LOVE" in Las Vegas (August 2008)
    The second time I went to Vegas, a friend and I went to see the show and it was amazing! 💛
  32. Met Joshua Radin, one of my all time favorite singer songwriters after The Hotel Cafe Tour Show in Carrboro, NC (Spring 2008)
  33. Eaten the best Ramen ever in Tokyo (Summer 2014)
    I still think of this meal at a noodle shop near Hamamatsucho Station. After the IMPULS program ended, another teacher and I extended the trip. We went to the Tsujiki Fish Market, Kamakura, Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden, and explored other areas. After she left, I stayed for two more days. Exploring Tokyo BY myself was probably the best thing I'd ever done FOR myself. *I went back to this noodle shop on my last night there.
  34. Worked at an ice rink in college (1999-2004)
    This was definitely the most fun time period of my life! Some people loved high school, I loved college. It was one of those jobs where everybody (mostly) got along, hung out after work, and it was easy! Also, I spent many a Sunday sitting in the score box, running the time clock, recording penalties, and flirting with the cute club team players who were reffing as men tried to relive their high school hockey days during Sunday "Senior League" games.
  35. Hiked through Mt. Zion National Park (May, 2005)
    Day trip during first trip to Vegas. *This picture that I took does not do it justice