Inspired by @kaitlynvella
  1. Because I don't mess around!
    Team Name: Triple Cs (cuz we're Crazy, Clever, Cutthroat)
  2. Coach: Patches O'Houlihan
    Of Course! 🔧
  3. 1. Paul Rudd
    Seems like he's flexible, agile, and good with the witty, humorous comebacks for the other team
  4. 2. Mark Wahlberg
    I tried to think of an athletic actor that would be a decent leader and also easy on the eyes and he's the first one who popped into my mind!
  5. 3. L.L. Cool J
    Did ya see S.W.A.T. And @shanaz 's list yesterday? James will get shit done!
  6. 4. Jennifer Lawrence
    She probably still maintains some of her badass physical training from all of those Hunger Games Movies and if not I'm pretty sure we'd have fun while getting pelted by balls and yelled at by Rip Torn!
  7. 5. Amy Poehler
    Needed a Wild Card Team Member. Even if she's not great at dodgeball, she's competitive and could probably bring some great comedic insults for the other team!