5 Things That Make Me Very Happy Today

And apparently a chance to plug some of my previous lists! ☺️
  1. I actually left work at 3:30 today!
    (That's when I'm supposed to leave)
  2. The only obligation I have for the next 48 hours is an hour math tutoring session!
  3. My Amazon Order was delivered today! (I got a decent gift card for my birthday)
    I've never watched an episode of Togetherness and now I can (I'm a commentary & behind the scenes junkie). I can make my own Liquid Xanax (I did not come up with that term nor do I think it is trademarked) by putting dōTerra® Balance and Serenity essential oils in little roll on bottles! Also, I finally got a bathtub strainer (needed to reach the Free Shipping price!) @HisDudeness WILL I EVER LOVE SOMEONE THAT MUCH?: THE THOUGHT SPIRAL OF A CRAZY PERSON
  4. I'm about to enjoy a Hot Toddy in my favorite jumbo mug
    Fresh mountain air, my ass! Stupid pollen! 🌳 My brother got this mug for me years ago and I don't drink coffee or tea so basically it's my "Hot Toddy Mug" HOT TODDY HAIKU
  5. I finished planning my summer trip this week!
    Taking my first trip to the Pacific Northwest coast, starting in San Francisco and ending in Vancouver! I'll read through lists and ask for suggestions as it gets closer! 😃
  6. FYI