Inspired by @tombatten Note: Did my best to remember ages/time periods. I know some overlap as I worked two jobs most of my life to keep busy and sustain life and fund my hobbies and desire to travel 💸
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    Babysitting (age 13 - 25- hey that was gooooood money)
    I remember when I was first babysitting, one of the little boys projectile vomited and I held it together to clean it up and comfort him. Also, watching a lot of HBO when kids went to bed was great!
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    Wendy's (age 16-18)
    Oh boy! Worked with lots of cuties here. I had a big crush on a boy I worked with and he would bring in "cool music" (Semisonic, Third Eye Blind,etc.) to listen to while we closed up. Also, one of the "initiation" practices was to tickle girls to the floor and get them into the giant ice been. (This was ~20 years ago and I now see so many things wrong with this but at the time, 😊)
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    Hockey Rink On College Campus (age 18-23)
    Best Job Ever! We could get class work done, load up on concession stand snacks before class, show up hungover, and I even was a "student manager" in charge of food & paper product ordering at a certain point. So if someone was having a party, I'd order extra cups and burgers and such! The best memory was running the score board & time clock for "Senior League" (aka grown ass men taking hockey waaaay to seriously) all day on Sundays. These were the best fights and penalty box hissy fits.
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    College Campus Bookstore (age 18-19)
    This job was just meh. I met some cool people and got first pick at the textbooks ! 👍🏼
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    Day Care Center (age 19-22?)
    This was a job I got to put on my resume and give me an opportunity to gain experience working with younger kids. (My OH Elementary Ed program and license was age 3 to grade 3). I remember slipping on wet tile floor, landing on my tailbone and it being bruised for awhile. I remember exactly which flip flops I was wearing!
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    Recreation Director at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts in Mantua, OH (Summers of my 21st and 22nd years)
    I got to spend time outside, drive around in a golf cart, try to mess up the Regen Controller of the golf cart, interact with mostly happy people and kids on vacation. (Also, sometimes I dressed up as Yogi Bear - Shhhhh!) My most clear memory is learning to drive the tractor that pulled the wagon of people! In retrospect, I can't believe they let me do that but I did, and well!
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    Substitute Teacher (age 23 and 24)
    After I graduated, it was tough to get a teaching job. I did get some long term sub positions and established myself at some schools. If you can go into a classroom of strange students, establish classroom management, and learn all of their names by the end of the day you can do anything! I remember subbing for a music class, making an effort to sing with at least the K-1 kids, one little boy raised his hand and politely said, "Is this your first time in music? I can tell you're really trying."
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    Retail at Motherhood Maternity® (age 23 and 24)
    While substitute teaching. I hated this job but I tried. It was not busy most of the time and I usually worked alone which I liked. It was near Cleveland. I remember seeing Lebron James at the mall I worked in. (This was 11 years ago). He went to my high school's rival school, I was not impressed by him. I'm still #allin216 🙄
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    Full Time 3rd Grade Classroom Teacher
    My first classroom had an entrance from the breezeway and also doors connecting to other classrooms. It also had its own bathroom that students sometimes used throughout the day. This was and is still so weird to me. I had read that coffee beans absorb odor so I put some in a container on the windowsill in that bathroom. The custodian was not thrilled to find coffee beans in the toilet. I know which kiddo was responsible (he graduated high school this year)!
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    Full Time 5th Grade Classroom Teacher
    I have a lot of memories but I'll stick with the funniest: 1. When our non-English speaking student from China bolted out the door to the playground and ran straight into a gaggle of geese and began chasing them. 2. This past year, when I made a mistake: TODAY, I MADE A MISTAKE 3. When my coworker thought it would be funny to surprise his "Hater of Mornings" coworker with this shenanigans one random day! I was not amused but also, kind of amused!