Just a relaxing day for teachers right?
  1. It starts with the collecting last minute permission slips & receipting last minute money, gathering any meds I need for students.
  2. Making sure all students have their name written on their lunch bags and overseeing as they use sharpies & masking tape to write their names on brown bags & ziplock bags (because why read the letters and reminders I send home-it's more fun this way?), gathering coolers with school lunches for the other half of the population
  3. Then counting them as they board the bus (you have to come back with the same amount and same students you left with)!
    The only GIFS & images I could find for this were Duggar ones! 😱🚫 (Just imagine me counting 24 10-11 year olds)
  4. Keeping them somewhat quiet & out of the aisles so the bus driver can get us there safely! School Bus Drivers are the true heroes!
  5. Then, a day of herding cats!
    Just click the link!
  6. Exhausted and hoping that apple & granola bar I scarfed down for lunch keep me energized for the ride back with students who never seem to run out of energy....Ever!
  7. Then, back to school! Oh good, there are still 24 kids!
  8. Then they all go home safely and... I realize tomorrow is NOT Saturday and I have two more days to get ready for!
  9. Finally home!
    50 hour work weeks are awesome!