About the 25th-30th ish one I've done in a 10 year period to visit family and friends. I'm kind of over it and starting to go less. Anyway, it's about 8 hours from NC so I try to make it interesting. This time that means listing (not while actually driving)!
  1. I always pass this scenic overlook on I-26 N, in NC just before the Tennessee border and never stop.
  2. Today I did!
  3. Appalachian Mountains
  4. Finally listening to my mixes from my secret Santa. I like to listen to new mixes/playlists on long drives so now I have a chance to.
    I love these mixes. Thanks @crowleypboy & come back to!
  5. My least favorite sign
  6. One of my favorite signs
  7. Soundtrack of My Life CD (Yes my car still has CD only capabilities unless I use my blue tooth speaker)
    Also, listening to my Soundtrack of My Life CD
  8. $1.86 😀
    Thank you Marion, VA!
  9. Would you like your jerky in a container that resembles that of chewing tobacco?
    Know your audience? 😬
  10. Hate driving in the rain because I can't use cruise control as often! But, I do like the misty mountains!
  11. Need a boost! I haven't had soda or any sugary drinks for nearly 2 months which means (since I don't drink coffee except the occasional Chai Tea Latte @kcupcaker 😉 @nathanielrepay) not much caffeine either!
    This thing kicked me ass and gave me the shakes like it never has before. I only ever drink these on these long drives but woah! I can't handle it now! 😬
  12. Ooooooh tunnels!
  13. Yes West Virginia, I love giving you $12 (round trip) every time I make this drive!
  14. Thanks for humoring me and reading this list! 💜