Inspired by @amieshmamie (Why are you screaming this list title at me?) QUESTIONS FOR INTROVERTS FROM A RAGING EXTROVERT
  1. No, I love my birthday because it's MY day/week/month to celebrate me! I like some attention sometimes!
  2. No, you're not a DIVA in this regard- see response 1.
  3. It's not the too much or the too excitedly but the too closely and too loudly are too much but that could be more of my anxiety?
    Yes, you talk too loudly and excitedly in the mornings! Chill!
  4. No, I shower, usually at night, thanks for asking! I rent, my bathtub is one of the most disgusting places in the world and I get bored just sitting in the tub!
  5. I f*#+ing hate cats! Seriously, on a frightening level! They're sneaky and make me feel itchy and "do their business" indoors!
  6. No, I'm a teacher! I read for pleasure in the summer and on breaks because I'm usually reading a book for a "book talk" or grading papers in the evenings or making lists!
    In fact, right now I'm doing this instead of grading papers!
  7. Good question. As a teacher, I do sometimes think "the squeakiest wheel gets the grease" but not as much as it used to now that more communication is done through email.
    As far as kids in schools, again I think a shift is happening so that a variety of methods are used to allow students to "voice" or communicate their questions, ideas, conclusions, etc.
  8. The perfect amount of time to stay at a party depends on the following factors: am I driving myself home(directly effects amount of alcohol if any I consume), whether or not I'm in the mood to be around people, whether or not I like the music or other activities at the party, whether or not I'm enjoying the company of the people at the party.
    The amount of people I know at the party is not a factor for me because I can people watch.
  9. I will most likely be your friend if we have common interests and a mutual respect exists. Will you respect my wishes to stay home sometimes or step out for some air or spend the afternoon on my own? 🙂