Inspired by @kates08 (Also using your idea of rating accuracy on scale from 0-10)
  1. According to Buzzfeed, being an Aquarius ♒️means:
  2. British Hunk Match
    Meh! 3/10 (I mean never say never)
  3. Where I'll Meet my "True Love"
    2/10 I am incredibly loyal and take pride in this but in my experience all of my friends (know guy but..."he's a loser so nevermind", "well he hasn't had a job in a year", etc. "you're too nice I can't set you up with him - he's an ass")
  4. Animal GIF that will crack me up
    7/10 This did make me laugh out loud
  5. That's Me
  6. Karaoke Song I Should Sing
    2/10 I do like a challenge BUT the correct answer is none! I have sung exactly 4 karaoke songs in my life (Jolene & Baby Got Back in Japan where you can't be bad at karaoke, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun in college and You're so Vain as a grown adult) and they were all AWFUL as Bohemian Rhapsody would be if sung by me!
  7. Name of my Future Husband
    1/10 Don't know if I want to get married but thanks buzz feed and Kevin (who I will meet through a mutual friend), Kevin??? I did like Home Alone and knew a decent Kevin but why do you have to call him dumb?
  8. Childhood TV Song
    2/10 I wasn't a child when this came out but really? I DO like the best of both worlds!?
  9. What Mexican food am I! Ummm?
    6/10 I do love some nachos but I like most "Mexican foods"! Also, how are nachos honest and just?
  10. Aquarians
  11. What fruit am I?
    8/10 Okay, pomegranates are amazing! I 💛 pomegranate everything!
  12. What Supermodel am I?
    6/10 She seems cool! Friends of T. Swift? I could've been called worse?
  13. My Sex Life (a bit presumptuous buzz feed)
    5/10 No line forming but...
  14. Romance Film and Ice Cream
    8/10 probably the most accurate but the odds were in their favor on this one
  15. My Favorite Food
    1/10 I like chicken. I like waffles. Neither are in my top favorite foods and I've never had them together and don't have the desire to try but again, never say never!?