💬 Quotes galore! Some of my faves!
  1. "He has dreamy eyes. Them's joint bank account eyes."
  2. "The point of dating is just to keep on dating and then never stop. It's like burning fossil fuels or seeing a therapist."
  3. "You should see his side. It is so clean. It looks like a Japanese subway."
  4. "I hate When Schmidt cries. He sounds like a ghost, singing "Hey Ya!" "Heeeeeyyyy yaaaaaaaaa! Heeeeeeyyyy yaaaaaaaaa!" 👻
  5. "You know, I've never told anyone this but, I don't know how to read a ruler. I don't. I mean where do you start? At the edge? At the first tick? It's confusing to me."
  6. "You look like a Jewish Pharrell."
  7. "I don't think I can look at him without getting pregnant. He just like oozes sex!"
  8. "In the immortal words of Tag Team, "Whoomp there it is!"
  9. "He said it was casual. Does casual mean something very different in England, we own England?"
  10. "People think Christmas is going to be like Love Actually and "God Only Knows" is going to play over their happy ending but it won't..."
  11. "From 1994 to 2001, I believed that Jordan Catalano was going to show up in my driveway after a dirt bike accident, all scruffy and beautiful and he would need a bath and medical attention"
  12. "Alright flash the future, forty, fifty years. You're married, kids, grandkids-I'm long dead- and you look over to the woman sitting next to you and she's grey, she's old... is that May?"
    -Nick Miller