Or reasons I'm bat crap crazy
  1. My volume control on my tv or in my car must be at an even number
  2. I carve my initials in my carry out container before leaving the restaurant
    I live alone(childhood habit?)
  3. I always read the IMDB with cast, filming location, trivia before seeing any movie or watching a new television show
  4. Straw Wrapper Superstition- I still, to this day, every Time I get a straw wrapper, tie it in a knot and pull!
    If the knot breaks, yay, someone is thinking about me. If it doesn't, meh, they all must be watching Netflix!?
  5. I put Doritos and cucumber slices on my turkey sandwiches or subs
  6. I straighten crooked pictures and paintings on the walls in public places
  7. I tear down flyers and posters of events that have already happened!
    NOT IN MUSIC VENUES but like at work or on grocery store bulletin boards or telephone polls ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. I will not go to @joannfabrics without picking up a cookie cutter!
    No, I just added that one - I don't bake! ⭐️