Inspired by @helga & @LizDawson I also have a book buying problem-like they're going to stop printing them next week if I don't get them on my shelves ASAP
  1. The Bell Jar
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    Read it in high school - picked it up during a book store visit
  2. All Fall Down
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  3. The Importance of Music to Girls
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    Bought this for $1 at the library when I read a review on the back which compared it to High Fidelity SOLD!
  4. Pretty is What Changes
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    $1 shelf again & a memoir 😊
  5. Why Not Me?
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  6. Blackout Remembering The Things I Drank to Forget
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    Again I'm a sucker for memoirs & short stories
  7. I Can Barely Take Care of Myself
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  8. The Interestings
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  9. Dark Places
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    Loved all of Gillian Flynn's other books - I'm sure I'll like this one
  10. Buddha's Brain
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  11. The Giver
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  12. Making Number Talks Matter
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    I didn't pay for this but was given it for leading some Math Professional Development & totally want to read it - I dork out on Current Math instruction Research & methods
  13. Principles to Mathematics: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All
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  14. The Leader in Me
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    Again, work issued and I want to read it since we are implementing this program next school year
  15. Don't Worry, It Gets Worse
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  16. I also just ordered two new books by JoJo Moyes from Amazon yesterday (What? I needed to hit $35)
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  17. Seriously, do I have a problem?