Requested by @BWN_7
I've had this in my drafts for awhile and can't pick one significant memory so here are a few fun activities I can remember.
  1. Jumping on the neighbor's trampoline for hours
    Sometimes we would incorporate the sprinkler. 😬 I also remember screaming at night when some bats flew a bit too low for comfort.
  2. Riding my bike (blue with a banana seat) around the neighborhood and practically flying down hills
    "I can ride my bike with no handle bars..."
  3. Going grocery shopping with my Dad every few weeks. It was our time together. We would always go to Food 4 Less and I would try to sneak a Bop or Big Bopper magazine into the cart (usually successfully).
  4. Building forts in the family room (den) with my sister. It was cooler down there in the summers. We went all out, like brought every chair and blanket and rubber band from the house into that room.
  5. Going to Wildwood, New Jersey for a family vacation. We'd always stay in Ohio and go to Sandusky/Lake Erie or Dearborn, Michigan (once). This time we rented a van. I remember it was navy blue Ford Aerostar and huge compared to the '89 Dodge Aries wagon we usually crammed into. (For those Daylisters™ paying attention, yes, that was my first car.)
  6. (Cont.) So with my Dad's trusty Triptik, we headed across PA to New Jersey. I specifically remember walking along the boardwalk. My brother, sister, and I got to make those sand in a glass jar souvenirs. That was the first time I went to the ocean and I can remember standing on the hotel balcony at night and hearing the waves crashing.
  7. Gymnastics class on Friday nights. I was not particularly athletic or graceful. I think I liked it because it was an individual sport. I think the greatest feat I achieved was doing a somersault on the balance beam.