Okay @Lindi - this is an old request and I think it will bring some joy to List App and I feel that this "community" will not mock me too much! **Also, @dad3 this list serves to fulfill your WHAT AN AIRHEAD: MAY I HAVE A REDO? list request
  1. The year was 2004. It was late May or June, which means I just earned a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Minor in Psychology.
  2. Prior to this I completed 13 years of education (K-12) during which I was always an A/B student (except for that hateful Biology teacher in 10th grade)
  3. I unenthusiastically joined some friends to see the 2 hr 43 min movie, Troy.
    I know, muscles and Orlando Bloom(it was 2004) but I was still apathetic.
  4. So we're watching the movie. I'm enjoying my Diet Coke and probably Junior Mints.
  5. It was actually a pretty decent movie considering it isn't my movie genre of choice.
  6. That part where the Greeks snuck in to Troy in that wooden horse that the Trojans pulled through their own city was pretty clever.
  7. This is what I was thinking when I say, "Didn't see that coming!"
  8. Most of my friends just rolled their eyes or humored my smart ass remark with a chuckle.
  9. But my friend's boyfriend, now husband, must have seen the look on my face. (You can read my face like a book) because he said, "Wait are you serious?"
  10. I said, "Yeah that's a really good idea!" He just stared at me.
  11. The hour after the movie was filled with discussion about how I possibly could've completed 18 years of school and missed the part about The Trojan Horse.
  12. There was a gap in my education somewhere. I'd heard of Homer's The Iliad but never had to read it.
  13. I was never interested in classic literature or Greek mythology. In fact all the books I was forced to read in school and 4 years of required summer reading actually made me hate reading for awhile.
  14. This is still not an excuse, but I'm inclined to blame my private school education and my parents' strict limited television rules. I'm sure there was a Simpsons episode that would've explained it all!
  15. So that's my "I'll never live it down" moment. Most of my friends have forgotten or don't get the chance to remember because if nostalgic conversations get a little too close for comfort, I just change the subject to their kids! 😉
  16. Oh, and don't worry, I will only be teaching Math to your children or future children when I start teaching in middle school!