Inspired by @jennamarie
  1. "You're funny"
    "You're funny!" Or "you're hilarious" Usually when I meet new people but they're scared about how I react so they'll say to another person in the group, "She's a funny one!" Or keep it impersonal like, "You're a trip" or "You're on fire" (Maybe this isn't a compliment- I take it as such!)
  2. "You're a breath of fresh air"
    I've actually heard this one a few times and it makes me feel wonderful!
  3. "My child really likes you. They talk about you and how they love your class. "
    These usually come from the ones I least expect it and they have no reason to blow smoke up my ass so I take it as genuine. Another bittersweet one is, "They actually enjoy coming to school this year!" 😕 What fresh hell did they suffer through last year?
  4. "Wow! I could never do that."
    This one used to bother me and I took it as a dig but now I take it as a compliment. Usually in response to me saying I moved out of state by myself for a job or traveled alone! Maybe some people really couldn't do that??
  5. "God damn, you're sexy!"
    This one is tricky because it comes from me when I face myself in the mirror each morning!
  6. It's so weird that writing this feels arrogant or boastful, which I'm not and never been accused of but, still feels wrong!
    I encourage all of you to long press and make your own list!