There have been some good ones! Memories
  1. Sacagawea
    My mom was big on making our own costumes
  2. A scarecrow
    Again homemade costumes
  3. A nurse
    And not the sexy kind - the kind where a child wears white tights, white shorts, a white turtleneck, white Keds & a homemade hat...white
  4. A Devil
    Then COLLEGE happened - I bought red pleather snakeskin pants for this one
  5. A Sorority Girl
    Having spent most of college avoiding Greek life I enjoyed this one
  6. Raggedy Ann
    My wig & makeup were sweet
  7. A ninja turtle
    Donatello to be exact - back to homemade but these were much better than my childhood costumes (spray paint makes everything more fun) I'm on the left
  8. Sweet Caroline
    Yes I thought I was clever wearing a T-shirt with lyrics on the back, sweet tarts attached to the front, and a Hello My Name is CAROLINE sticker - you know your costume isn't great when you have to keep explaining it 🎶
  9. It's Raining Men
    That's right- when you get dragged to a last minute party, and didn't learn your lesson from the "Sweet Caroline" incident (so easy to throw on rain boots & tape printed photos of attractive male celebrities to an umbrella)
  10. Smurfette
    Homemade & it was awesome! (White spray painted pumps & blue face paint)