Requested by @k8zinker
To answer your question @k8zinker , NO! So in college my nickname somehow became "Crazy Katie"...
  1. Partly because there was another Katie that worked at the same place I did (ice arena on campus) but we could've just gone by last name initials!?
  2. It was MORE in part because of shenanigans I sometimes pulled
  3. As I mentioned we all worked at one of those fun college jobs where you also sometimes hang out together on weekends
  4. In fact, other "non - ice arena employee" friends would ask, "Is this another ice arena party?"
    They were fun but stories spread like wildfire!
  5. So, mix some of my character traits:
  6. Feisty
  7. Blunt
    (Horrible filter)
  8. A bit of a smart ass
  9. And being ~20-24 years old
    (I had not yet grown into the classy, clever, quick witted lady I am today)
  10. Throw in some alcohol
  11. And, boom....
  12. Shenanigans!
  13. That's all the info I can give on this public social media outlet!
    So use your imagination ¯\_(ツ)_/¯