Fall is my favorite season! Perhaps this is because of the holidays during this time of year or memories of raking and jumping in leaves. As I was taking pics to make this list, I realized how fortunate I am to have such a great view each day. List inspired by @bekah - check out her fall list "FALL" IN FLORIDA
  1. Leaves on the ground
    Colorful although it's been raining
  2. Slowly Changing Colors
    This is my favorite - when you can see the various colors on one tree
  3. Little Trees
    Even these little guys are gorgeous
  4. Fall Drives
    Driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway is a MUST this time of year
  5. Blue Ridge Parkway Scenic Overlook
    This is one of my favorite spots (where I go to recharge sometimes) during anytime of the year except during winter when it's closed because of "inclement weather."
  6. Another at this spot
    Although a nice walk through the foggy fall foliage filled mountain was an option, I opted out because of the wind & rain (darn low pressure system)
  7. Fall = Pumpkin flavored everything
    Since it's raining, I'll enjoy fall with a seasonal local craft beer (pumpkin flavored of course)