So writing this list got me thinking, what exactly is a comedy these days? It used to be a 30 minute situation comedy with live audience but now there are a variety of types, sit-coms, 30 minute comedies not filmed before a live audience, dramedies...???
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    The following are the comedies I enjoy so much that I've purchased every season available on DVD:
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    I love the balance between comedic moments and dark moments, amazing musical selection & fantasy sequences. Favorite Episode: My Half-Acre
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    Not popular on the list app but I basically watched this show in real time through high school and college. Incredibly quotable-and carefree plots that don't require any deep thought! Favorite Episode: The One With the Embryos
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    The Big Bang Theory
    Again, not popular with the list app community but I like it. I haven't been as impressed with the latest seasons but still enjoy the character development, especially of Sheldon and the incorporation of legitimate science concepts and current events in the science world! Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― Favorite Episode: The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification
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    Sex and the City
    Do I need to explain? Characters that make real mistakes and have real problems even if they exist in only the best parts of NYC while wearing unaffordable clothing and accessories! Who doesn't like a bit of irreverence sometimes? Favorite Episode: The Post-It Always Sticks Twice
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    I enjoy that this show comically addresses even more realistic issues and situations with characters that are not always likable but human! Also, great musical selection! Favorite Episode: Welcome to Bushwick (aka The Crackcident) *I've only seen seasons 1-3 so NO SPOILERS 😑
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    Other comedies I enjoy but do not own and haven't watched enough times to determine one favorite episode:
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    Parks and Rec
    Hilarious & Brilliantly quirky
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    New Girl
    I think the writing on this show is brilliant and quick paced which I love!
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    The Mindy Project
    Because Mindy Kaling's! Funny as hell & great guest stars!
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    Hilarious chemistry between James Roday & Dulé Hill. I also have a super sniffer! 🍍
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    See, now I'm getting into a grey area with these dramedies so I'm going to stop!