Inspired by @smmrnss
  1. Rain hitting the roof or ground on a weekend morning
    Giphy downsized medium
  2. The introduction sound from the production companies (or whatever) before a movie is about to begin
  3. The crinkling of the spine creasing (or whatever) when opening a brand new book
  4. The bell at the end of a long day (I survived!)
  5. Live music
  6. My own calm breathing when I'm resting with nothing else to worry about at the moment
  7. Phone double vibrating (ooohh a text!)
  8. "Kate, your order is up!"
  9. Silence, when I need it!
  10. Wind chimes (especially these kind that remind me of the ones I bought in Hawaii 12 years ago and have since gone on to a better place 😔)