Thanks for the request @Swanson or @switz (who I think just deleted his account which is a bummer because this request pushed me out of my comfort zone). I managed to make this list without any jokes or GIFS! 🙂 💯💯
  1. My blue eyes
    Someday, someone will hear this song and be thinking of me:
  2. My desire to keep learning
    I am always excited to learn more about the things about which I'm passionate. I have a pile of books I hope to dig into this summer about the brain, mindfulness, mathematics instruction, etc. If I have a question or want to learn more about something, I research it (often more than just googling it)!
  3. My feet
    I have high arches & cute feet
  4. My quick wit
    Over the years I've become quite witty and clever. I can hold my own in conversations with new people and if given a few moments, can construct a pretty witty written or verbal response. I'm at my best when no filter is required and a can just let the words fly!
  5. My independence
    For the most part, I am self-sufficient. I have a real life community of people who care about me and are there when I need them; everyone needs that to some extent! But if I want to do or see something, I get it done or I go see it! Basically, I do what I want!
  6. My skin
    I've pretty much always been blessed with great, youthful looking, no need to wear makeup skin. Great genes and sunscreen!
  7. My willingness to grow as a person
    I have said on a few lists: I AM A WORK IN PROGRESS. I am never done doing the work I need to do to be the best possible version of myself. I know it sounds cliché but I have grown quite a bit in the last ten years and it has been a lot of work at times. But it is so worth it when I handle a situation in a way I wouldn't have a year ago, am able to approach an uncomfortable situation with positivity and open-mindedness, or set out on adventure and embrace that exhilarating scared feeling!