I'm prefer my wine red, in a glass, and poured by a fine man with fantastic forearms! 2/3 isn't bad!
  1. Solo Dance Party
    If you've ever seen Cameron Diaz dance to Mr. Bright side in the Holiday, that's totally me! If not, check it: http://youtu.be/_BxMOwRhlGQ (We're pretty much identical so it's like watching a home movie)
  2. Coloring Mandala Pictures
    I know, impressive!
  3. Calling my brother to chat!
    He's in LA so 3 hours behind & usually sitting in traffic!
  4. Painting
    Not really! I have gone to a few Wine and Design "Classes" - I wine painted this! 😊
  5. Eating popcorn
    Perfect combination
  6. List Apping
    Spreading my wisdom- I wasn't drinking wine when I wrote this but it's an example of the brilliance I bring to list app! NO Y'ALL! THESE SPLITS ARE B-A-N-A-N-A-S 🍌
  7. Other Activities that I'm not listing 😏