Inspired by @MichaelRose This was actually a challenging list to write without being self-deprecating or sarcastic. It pushed me a bit out of my comfort zone. I managed and challenge all of you to do the same! 😉
  1. Teaching Math
    Not only do I know and understand the content I teach but also know and can explain how the mathematical domains and their standards build on each other throughout grades K-8. I also, understand how and why various algorithms work and am able to take that knowledge and help kids develop a concrete understanding of numbers patterns and relationships first. BAM! Also, I can spend just 1-2 hours working with a kid and determine their gaps in understanding and formulate an instructional plan!
  2. Being a Good Auntie
    This seems like a gimme but taking care of these two for a few days is no joke! They don't really need anything (Translation-they have more toys & junk than they know what to do with) so I try to spend quality time with them, teach them things, challenge them, and be fair and consistent with them. This past year I haven't had as much contact as I'd like but I send them postcards, FaceTime when possible and send my niece "real mail"! I'm excited when she'll be old enough to visit.
  3. Planning
    It often takes awhile and requires that I get in the zone. I can see the big picture and plan for that and the details (such as a 45 minute lesson, 9 week long curriculum outline, small parties, an evening out with friends). I've pretty much always worked jobs that require planning (preschool teacher, rec director, teaching) and I like planning for the various scenarios that may throw a wrench in the plans. The most fun is planning trips. I've learned that you can't plan for everything though!
  4. Being a Great Friend
    "I wish I had a friend like me!" Kidding (sort of)! I have a handful of good friends and I am incredibly loyal, compassionate, and would do pretty much anything for them. I'm genuine and follow through with my commitments and promises. Also, I'm a very thoughtful and awesome gift giver. Over the years, I've learned to stop and listen rather than go into fixer/advice mode and that has made me a better friend. I love my friends for their uniqueness and goodness and try to tell them that often!
  5. Writing Professional Emails, Grants, Data Analyses
    Usually after procrastinating, I can get in the zone and write any of the above and have. I can come up with the most clear and concise language to convey my thoughts. I can consider my audience and incorporate the perfect amount of emotion. I'm usually asked to proofread others' emails, resumes, applications, etc.